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April Newsletter

WE AREWOVEN TOGETHERIN CHRIST 🞦 “April 2024 Worship Team”Rev. Dennis Blauser, Interim PastorSunday School at 9:30amOne service at 11:00am724 981-2050 April 7thRev. Dennis Blauser, officiatingJames Antel– AssistingJill Antel- ReaderIsabel Faber-AcolyteRon […]

December Newsletter

WE ARE WOVEN TOGETHER “December, 2023 Worship Team” Rev. Dennis Blauser- Interim Pastor Music Director-James Vasconi One service at 11:00am 724 981-2050 Worship Assistants:     James Antel        […]

June Newsletter

 WE ARE WOVEN TOGETHER                   IN CHRIST    Summer Worship Team for  June 2023    11:00am 724 981-2050 Interim Pastor-Rev. Dennis Blauser Worship Assistants: June 4       11:00am    […]

May Newsletter

 We are fast approaching the semi-annual Dorcas Election Day Bake Sale on May 16th.  If anyone would like to donate ingredients for baking or any of their own baked goods, […]

April Newsletter

“April 2023 Worship Team” Sunday School-9:30am Worship Service-11:00am Interim Pastor:  Rev. Dennis Blauser Phone:  724 981-2050 April 2   11:00am – Palm Sunday       Celebrate First Communion            James Antel -Assistant            Elaine […]

March Newsletter

Yesterday was Levi’s 37th birthday. He is an Amish Father and Husband. He has seven children who love and respect him.  Levi went to work as a carpenter, like any […]

February Newsletter

WE ARE WOVEN TOGETHER IN CHRIST        “February 2023 Worship Team” Rev. Dennis Blauser, Interim Pastor Sunday School at 9:30am One service at 11:00am 724 981-2050  February 5th Rev. Dennis […]

January Newsletter

Our Dorcas ladies did not have a meeting as of yet.  Will report on their January 16th meeting being held at 1:00pm next month.             The Officers for 2023  President   […]

November Newsletter

“November 2022 Worship Team” Rev. James Seeley, Supply Pastor Worship Leader, Ronald Tomko One service at 10:00am 724 981-2050 Worship Assistants:     James Antel         Ronald Tomko            […]

October Newsletter

*Standard and Altar Shelf – 2022 We offer beautiful Flower Memorials to remember a loved one, honor a person, event or whatever you wish to acknowledge.  The charts are posted […]