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June Newsletter

 WE ARE WOVEN TOGETHER                   IN CHRIST    Summer Worship Team for  June 2023    11:00am 724 981-2050 Interim Pastor-Rev. Dennis Blauser Worship Assistants: June 4       11:00am    […]

May Newsletter

 We are fast approaching the semi-annual Dorcas Election Day Bake Sale on May 16th.  If anyone would like to donate ingredients for baking or any of their own baked goods, […]

April Newsletter

“April 2023 Worship Team” Sunday School-9:30am Worship Service-11:00am Interim Pastor:  Rev. Dennis Blauser Phone:  724 981-2050 April 2   11:00am – Palm Sunday       Celebrate First Communion            James Antel -Assistant            Elaine […]

March Newsletter

Yesterday was Levi’s 37th birthday. He is an Amish Father and Husband. He has seven children who love and respect him.  Levi went to work as a carpenter, like any […]

February Newsletter

WE ARE WOVEN TOGETHER IN CHRIST        “February 2023 Worship Team” Rev. Dennis Blauser, Interim Pastor Sunday School at 9:30am One service at 11:00am 724 981-2050  February 5th Rev. Dennis […]

January Newsletter

Our Dorcas ladies did not have a meeting as of yet.  Will report on their January 16th meeting being held at 1:00pm next month.             The Officers for 2023  President   […]

November Newsletter

“November 2022 Worship Team” Rev. James Seeley, Supply Pastor Worship Leader, Ronald Tomko One service at 10:00am 724 981-2050 Worship Assistants:     James Antel         Ronald Tomko            […]

October Newsletter

*Standard and Altar Shelf – 2022 We offer beautiful Flower Memorials to remember a loved one, honor a person, event or whatever you wish to acknowledge.  The charts are posted […]

September Newsletter

A reminder from Dorcas…Please make any checks for Dorcas to “Holy Trinity Lutheran Church” the banks will not cash any checks that say Pay to the order of Dorcas on […]

August Newsletter

Hope you enjoy our very interesting site.  Have any questions or concerns, please call  Chuck Foltz and he will gladly help you.   If you have anything you would like posted […]