March Newsletter

Yesterday was Levi’s 37th birthday. He is an Amish Father and Husband. He has seven children who love and respect him.  Levi went to work as a carpenter, like any other ordinary Thursday. As soon as his children came home from school, they began to put their birthday plan for Datt into action. Twelve year old Lydia found the recipe for his favorite cake, chocolate hoho! She began to gather the ingredients, while Esther helped fire up the wood stove. Emma, Anna and Andy went to the barn to milk all of the cows including the four dad usually milks each evening. Harvey pulled Datts buggy from the barn and begin to make it shiny. Little Eli, who is just four found Datts boots to polish and clean.  The children hurried as fast as they could to get all the chores done. Datt would be home soon!  Mamm was making his favorite meal, Chicken with mashed potatoes and stuffing. The house smelled so good and with the cake cooling on the counter, Esther and Lydia began to make the icing while Andy made homemade ice cream!  Little Eli stood by the window waiting to see Datt walk up the lane. The children couldn’t help but to giggle and shiver with anticipation because they knew he  would be so excited to see the special meal and cake waiting for him.  Everyone agrees that they would wait to  tell Datt that his chores were done until after dinner. It would be a great surprise! “He’s coming! He’s coming”,  Eli shouted! They all huddled behind the kitchen door so when Datt walked through it they would shout surprise! They heard the basement door open and then close. They heard the clomp  of his heavy work boots as he came up the first three stairs There he would remove his boots, coat, hat and tools and put everything away in their proper spots. (Mamm made sure everything was put away in their proper place!). He washed his hands and then Datt climbed the rest of the stairs, opened the kitchen door and all the children and Mamm shouted out, “Surprise”. Datt laughed with glee as the children led him to his seat at the table. They all stuffed themselves with Mamm’s delicious meal and as the younger girls cleared the dishes off the table the older girls went to get Datt’s birthday cake while the boys went outside to get the ice cream which was cooling in the snow. oh, how  He was surprised to see the beautiful cake lit with candles and smiled from ear to ear as everyone sang Happy birthday. After he had not one but two slices of cake, Datt rubbed his belly and said “I think this was my favorite day of the year so far!” ” I wish I could just sit right here with my family, but I’ve got chores to do. Those cows won’t milk themselves!” Levi got up from the table, and all of the smaller children grabbed his hands and wrapped their hands around his waist and said, “Datt, you come sit here in your favorite chair.” little Eli ran to get Datt’s footstool so he could rest his tired feet. “But I have chores to do!” ” No you don’t Datt, we did them for you!” I’m telling you Levi had tears in his eyes and Sara (his wife) was smiling so brightly.  They also fetched the local newspaper for their father to read while he relaxed in his favorite chair.  You might think I made this story up because it’s just so sweet, but this is exactly what happened yesterday as I was invited to celebrate Levi’s birthday with his family. Later we played a game called Horse Auction and stayed up way later than any Amish family should have still been awake!  There was so much love and respect for this husband and father that it made me cry as I wrote it out today.  No fancy presents, but the whole family worked together to make Datt have a wonderful birthday. That’s family!  We could learn so much from our Amish friends.

                         written by Susan Hougelman            

Thank you Jeff Bindas for sharing this wonderful true story,  I hope all read it.

A few words from Patty…     Gosh, March is almost here and we hardly even had winter and soon spring will be here.  So much for the four seasons.  The Lenten season has begun and Easter is on April 9th this year.  As of this writing, I have not gotten anything from Kraynak’s about offering Easter flowers.  As of this writing it is still February.  If you want to call it that…67 degrees outside.  Wow! I can hardly believe it.  I wonder if the Lord is trying to tell us something.  Like put your winter clothes away and get out those shorts.  Ha! Ha!  Well enough about this goofy weather.

     Life here at Holy Trinity is going so well.  Pastor Blauser is a pure delight, our choir is growing and sounding wonderful.  Thank you, James and our fantastic choir members.  What an asset you all are.  Then how about our Sunday School, you’ll never find a better one than ours.  Our staff and teachers put their hearts and souls into teaching our children about Jesus and learning about him with smiles on their faces and love in their little hearts.  Amazing!!!  They sent pretty Valentine’s Day cards to members of our congregation and boy what a wonderful valentine that was.  Thank you to the Sunday School Staff and our fantastic children, you are all so wonderful.  Then the piece to resistance, our Dorcas.  They not only work for the greater good of our church but for our community and people from everywhere who might need a helping hand.  I thank them from the bottom of my heart for all they do.  You are “the best of the best for sure!”  We are so very blessed to call you our own. 

Ash Wednesday is tomorrow. And today Christ Lutheran is having a Shrove Pancake Meal.  Michael and I are going to get a couple dinners to go because we don’t want Molly to be by herself. Maybe if they are offering take out.  Pastor Blauser is checking for me.   I don’t usually take a lunch hour but I am taking one tomorrow because it is Ash Wednesday and Michael and I are going to Christ Lutheran at 11:30am.  We are having services at 7pm but daytime works better for me.  I am so weary at the end of my day.  The Dorcas was here today making Stuffed Cabbages and guess what, they sold them all even before they were done making them.  How amazing is that.  What a terrific group of people they are.  They are cut from a special cloth if you know what I mean.  I put a prayer for Lent in the Sunday bulletin for this week.  I got it out of our hymnal.  I looked around and just couldn’t find one that felt like Lent to me.  Lent is a very special time of year.  It is a solemn special time.  I think if we walk with Jesus through this Lenten season, remembering what our Lord said and what He went through for us, celebrating Spring a season of re-birth, the waking up of nature, the sun giving us and nature an awaking of warmth and love then we will indeed be walking with Jesus.  What Jesus did for us was the best gift anyone could ask for.  He brought us His love, His caring, and has given us a tomorrow, a future, a spiritual life after the darkness of death, a light at the end of a tunnel, ashes to ashes, dust to dust and then the blessings of Easter!  Alleluia!!!

John 14:1-6    1 “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in me. 2In my Father’s house there are many dwelling places. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?             (Continued other side)

 3And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, so that where I am, there you may be also.   4And you know the way to the place where I am going.” 5Thomas said to him, “Lord, we do not know where you are going. How can we know the way?” 6Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. 

That Gospel is said at almost every funeral I have helped prepare for.  What our Lord was saying was that death is just the beginning of a springtime filled with more than I could ever write down.  So, we must live our lives…the lives that God has given us filled with caring and love.  Filled with happiness and sometimes pain but always filled with His grace.      God’s Peace and my Love, 


PS:  A special thank you for your many Birthday greetings, gifts, cards, and thoughtfulness that you showed.  It all made my day very special. 

Here are a few things we should all know

Come visit our Library it is growing by leaps and bounds, we’re sure you’ll find an interesting book to read.

Please be sure to remove all decorations from gravesites.  Myron Jones is getting ready to spring clean the cemetery, and he needs your help to remove everything.

Don’t forget Bible Study every Wednesday at 11:00am.  …Choir Practice

 every Wednesday at 6pm.  You’re most welcome to join them!

“March 2023 Worship Team”

Sunday School-9:30am

Worship Service-11:00am

Interim Pastor:   Rev. Dennis Blauser

Worship Assistants:               

  James Antel               Ronald Tomko

  Cynthia Kapusta      Bill Spon

Feb. 22   Ash Wednesday-7pm 

       Rev. Dennis Blauser-Worship Leader

                 Ron Tomko-Assisting

March 5    Rev. Dennis Blauser- Leading

                   James Antel-Assistant

                   Acolyte:  Alyssa Antel

                   Reader:  Elaine Madasz

March 12   Rev. Blauser- Leader

                    Cynthia Kapusta- Assistant 

                    Acolyte:  Maeli Kornbau

                    Reader:  Jill Antel

March 19   Rev. Blauser-Worship Leader

                   Bill Spon-Assistant

                   Acolyte:  Isabel Faber

                   Reader:  Ruth Klein

March 26   Rev. Blauser-Worship Leader

                   Ron Tomko- Assistant

                  Acolyte:  Makayla Foltz

                  Reader:  Linda Stewart Savach

   “Lenten Mid-Week Schedule for 2023”

Wed. March 1-    7pm service at Christ Lutheran

Wed. March 8-     7pm service at Holy Trinity

Wed. March 15-  7pm service at Christ Lutheran

Wed. March 22-   7pm service at Holy Trinity

Wed. March 29-  7pm service at Christ Lutheran

April 2-Palm Sunday-11am Worship Service at Holy Trinity (First Holy Communion of  

                         Mira Kornbau and Paige Urey)

                             Holy Week

Maundy Thursday-7pm here at Holy Trinity

Good Friday-7pm at Christ Lutheran

Easter Service-9am at Christ Lutheran

                        11am here at Holy Trinity

March 20th-First day of Spring

           “Happy Spring Everyone!”

Saint Patrick’s Day…What a festive holiday that is.  The music is so happy.  The green beer is pretty okay too.  I guess…Ha! Ha!  It is just an overall fun time.  Something we can all use.    So have fun and a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you and yours. 

An Irish Prayer…

Jesus Calling… 

Learn to live from your true Center in Me.  I reside in the deepest depths of your being, in eternal union with your spirit. It is at this deep level that My Peace reigns continually.  You will not find lasting peace in the world around you, in circumstances, or in human relationships.  The external world is always in flux-under the curse of death and decay.  But there is a gold mine of Peace deep within you, waiting to be tapped.  Take time to delve into the riches of My residing Presence.  I want you to live increasingly from your real Center, where My Love has an eternal grip on you.  I am Christ in you, the hope of Glory.

Colossians 3:15;  Colossians 1:27

Once again, we want to thank Karen Blosz for sharing this “Jesus Calling” with us.  It means so much to keep the tradition going that Martha Krizancic started.  Karen always picks such meaningful messages.

             Sunday School News

Our Valentine’s Day party was so much fun! We made a heart painting, exchanged Valentine’s and treats, had juice, hot chocolate, and heart shaped cookies, and took home a balloon. 

During the month of March, two of our students, Mira Kornbau and Paige Urey, will attend First Communion classes. They will receive their First Communion on Palm Sunday, April 2, 2023. We hope you can be there to celebrate Mira and Paige on their very special day. The children will lead the Palm Processional at the beginning of the service.

If you haven’t already, please take a minute and check out the church’s Facebook page. Every Sunday we post pictures of what we do in class and tell you all about what we learned. We have pictures from our Valentine’s Day party posted and hopefully a special announcement soon!

              Blessings always,


We are recycling our weekly bulletins.  So please put them in the tote marked recycle that is in the narthex.  Fred Rombold makes sure that they are recycled for us.  

         Thank you Fred so much.


Please check out the 

Holy Trinity Web- Site 2023 at  

Hope you enjoy our very interesting site.   Christ Lutheran Church’s newsletter is posted on our web page as well.  You can read all about what is going on in their church as well.   Have any questions or concerns, please call Chuck Foltz or the office and one of us will gladly help you.  If you have anything you would like posted on our website, please just let us know and Chuck will be happy to post it. Just like he posted our Sunday School Valentine’s Party.  We are so blessed to have you, Chuck.  Thank you so very much

We here at Holy Trinity support Joshua’s Haven.    If you would like to help support this mission, please put any of the needed items in the tote that is placed in the narthex.  A list of items needed are posted. 

Thanks again to Stephanie Banjak because when the tote is full she takes them to Joshua’s for us.

Although we do not have flowers on the Altar or the Standard for Lent and will not have Easter flowers from Kraynak’s, we’ll still need flowers for the Altar  and rest of the year.   The charts are posted on the wall in the Narthex.  They are only $15.00 and a perfect way to remember a person or special event.   


A reminder that on Saturday March 11th  

before you go to bed turn your clocks ahead one hour.  We will go back today light savings time and Spring will return and we’ll have more day light hours.  Yea, Spring will finally start. 

We wish to extend our deepest sympathy to Ron & Wendy Tomko and Family at the loss of Wendy’s brother Rob.  May our Lord give their family the Peace and Comfort that only our Lord can give at this most difficult time.

Six little stories with lots of meanings…

  1.  Once all villagers decided to pray for rain.  On the day of prayer, all the people gathered, but only one boy came with an umbrella.  That is faith.
  2. When you throw babies in the air, they laugh because they know you will catch them.  That is trust.
  3. Every night we go to bed without any assurance of being alive the next morning, but still we set alarms to wake up.  That is hope.
  4. We plan big things for tomorrow in spite of zero knowledge of the future.  That is confidence.
  5. We see the world suffering, but still, we get married and have children.  That is love.
  6. On an old man’s shirt was written a sentence “I am not 80 years old; I am sweet 16 with 64 years of experience.”  That is attitude!!!

Have a happy day and live your life like these six stories.  Have faith, trust, hope, confidence, love, and attitude.  Remember…Good friends are the rare jewels of life, difficult to find and impossible to replace.

Dorcas meeting was held Monday February 20, 2023 at 1:00pm with 11 members, 1 guest and Pastor Blauser present.

Hostess was Marlene Zipay.

Devotions were given by Cathy Haywood.

Minutes were read and approved.

Treasurer’s report was read and approved.

Updates were given on our Homebound members.

The Soup Sale was a great success.  Thank you to all who helped out and bought soup.

The Philadelphia Candy Sale is ongoing.  Order forms with payment are due by March 5th.

The GBU Take Out Dinner is Suinday March 12th, with a workday scheduled for 8:30am Saturday March 11th.  Extra dinner will be available for $10.00 each.  If interested, please see Sharon Bryan.

Dorcas will finalize plans with Cindy Kapusta for the CPR training scheduled for April 17th.

In Community Outreach, Cathy Haywood made a motion, seconded by Stephanie Banjak, to send a donation to Melinda Vellente’s sister-in-law Nadine Vellente in Florida who is undergoing her third round of Chemo Therapy in three years.  Nadine is currently in remission but must continue in treatment.

**Next Dorcas meeting is March 20, 2023, at 1:00pm.  Karen Borden will be hostess.

Motion to adjourn made by Ruth Klein, Cathy Haywood seconded.

Meeting ended with the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Melinda Vellente

**A discussion was held to see if there would be any interest in organizing a one-day Bus Trip through Anderson Travel possibly this spring or summer.  If you are interested let a Dorcas member know.  Sounds like Fun!!!

Officers for 2023

President   Kathy Long

Vice President   Cathy Haywood

Treasurer      Sharon Bryan

Secretary      Melinda Vellente  

Holy Trinity Lutheran

Wish List

Lent & Easter – 2023

The items on this list are needed seasonally or continuously to enhance our worship services; therefore, we are asking that you make your contribution “In Memory of” or “In Honor of” as part of a general “Wish List” Fund.  This will allow us to be more cost effective in our purchases while still allowing our loved ones to be honored.  Below are a few examples.

Grape Juice

Communion Wafers

Plastic Communion cups

Candle Oil

Colored Paper

Double (AA) and Triple (AAA) batteries

Communion Wine


Copy Paper

Offering Envelopes

Please place your request and check in the offering plate, mail or bring it to the office.  Deadline for contributions to be listed in the Easter Sunday Bulletin is March 27th.      Thank You


Envelope Number______________________________________________

Amount Enclosed______________________________________________

In Memory of

In Honor/Celebration of

______________________Must be received before March 27th._______________________

Attention all our Members…                                           

In an attempt to enable easy communication between the church office and members in the congregation, council has approved establishing a list containing the email addresses of each family/member in our congregation.  The intent is to be able to send messages  concerning cancelling  of services due to weather or to possibly send a religious message or prayer to everyone or to an individual member in need of such a message.  Please complete the form below and send it to the church office by one of three ways:

       Place it in the collection plate at Sunday Service

       Mail it by US Post to 3325 Morefield Road Hermitage PA 16148

   Or email to [email protected]

Family Name                                                                             Email Address


First names of members who have access to this email address

Other members of the family who have a different email address:  Please give name and email address:




Palm Sunday-April 2

Communion Worship Service at 11:00am

Schedule for Holy Week…2023

April 6th

Maundy Thursday Worship Service-7pm

(Here at Holy Trinity)

April 7th

Good Friday Service-7pm

(at Christ Lutheran)

April 8th

Easter Vigil Service -7:30pm

(at Holy Trinity-Greenville)

April 9th

Communion Worship Service  Easter Sunday-11am

(here at Holy Trinity)

Please mark your calendars accordingly and join us!

According to Matthew 4:18-19:

“Now as Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee, He saw two brothers, Simon who was called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen. And He said to them, ‘Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men’.”  

But Jesus left us to realize that we need to vary the “bait” in order to catch all types of “men”.  As our attendance trends downward, we must realize that we may have to vary the “bait” from time to time in order to change the trend. 

With that in mind, council has approved the formation of a Special Events” committee.  The intent of this committee is to Propose Measurable Actions toward achieving congregational GOALS and to create ANNUAL BENCHMARKS for each action so as to measure our success/failure to achieve the goal.  These goals will be discussed and expanded upon at a “Round-Table meeting in the near future.  The date for this event will be announced in a future Sunday bulletin.

Looking forward the committee is in the process of arranging five special services for this coming year.  They are as follows:

April 23 A Youth Service which will lead by our Sunday School children. (TO BE DETERMINED

May 28 Memorial Day Service featuring Noble Cause (CONFIRMED)

July 9 A Polka Service (and possibly a church Picnic at the pavilion) with Rex Tenari Orchestra (CONFIRMED)

October 1 Founders Day Service (TO BE DETERMINED)

November 12 Veterans Day Service (CONFIRMED)

December 24 Scripture read and Sing Service (CONFIRMED)

We hope our members will support us in our efforts and be patient with us as we  attempt to make these services an enjoyable and meaningful experience.