January Newsletter

Our Dorcas ladies did not have a meeting as of yet.  Will report on their January 16th meeting being held at 1:00pm next month.

            The Officers for 2023 

President                       Kathy Long

Vice-President              Cathy Haywood

                                       (Sandy Kimpan)

Treasurer                      Sharon Bryan

Secretary                       Melinda Vellente

A message from Patty…

Happy New Year!

I want to wish each of you a happy new year filled with happiness and good health.  I know that with God’s help, we will have a good year together.  Holy Trinity is so very blessed and we have the best Church family ever.  We welcome Rev. Dennis Blauser to our church family and are very excited to have him join us.  Everyone remember Pastor Blauser is available to meet with you whenever you wish.  Please just call the office to set up an appointment or just to make sure he is in his office.  Thank you all for another wonderful year together.  The year just flew by.        Again…Happy 2023!!!

We have some extra good news. During this winter season we have been privileged to have new members join our church.  They are Rev. Charles Lockwood, Ruth Smith and Tim & Peggy Steele.  They have all transferred from different Lutheran churches. We want to officially welcome them to our Holy Trinity Family and are very happy that they have decided to unite with us.  Our Lord is also smiling. Welcome, welcome.

We also want to tell you about more good news.  Jason & Hannah Tomko have given birth to Alexandra Madeleine.  She is healthy and so very beautiful.  A miracle from heaven and a future Sunday School member.  We are so blessed, welcome Alexandra, welcome.Along with good news we also have some very sad news, Mike Faber a longstanding member of Holy Trinity who gave of himself to help take care of our church and loved this church with all his heart has gone to his heavenly home.  I was privileged to get to know Mike and his dedication to our church was never ending.  We will miss him so very much.  We want to express our deepest sympathy to his family and may our Lord comfort them at this most difficult time.

January 6, 2023


In a Dream

When God speaks to you in a dream, you listen. Talk to Jacob, Joseph, or Daniel about this. Just a quick chapter ago in Matthew’s gospel, Joseph was told in a dream to stick by Mary and to name their child “Jesus,” meaning “savior.” Shortly after today’s account of the magi, Joseph will be guided in a dream to take refuge in Egypt, and again will be directed to a safe and secure place to call home at Nazareth in Galilee.

The magi also took to their travels via a vision. They observed a star and took it on faith that they should follow. The star led them to both promise and danger, and to a rather dubious audience with the sitting king. Despite the challenges, the magi continued, with courage and trust, to follow their vision to its end, to the place where Jesus was. It was in another dream that these travelers were guided to a better route home. This was both a detour out of harm’s way, in a real sense, and also a symbolic way of walking the world differently after having encountered Christ.

For and about what do you dream—not just your dreams in sleep, but your waking dreams and visions as well? When your heart beats in time with God’s hopes and dreams for the world, what will it take for you to follow that vision? What risks will you take? What challenges will you be called to confront? How will you be changed when you encounter God in the flesh, God among us?

By stars, visions, and faith itself, we are always being led by God toward hope and life, and we are being drawn to new pathways of forgiveness, compassion, and justice. We dream. And then we follow.

Reprinted from Words for Worship, copyright 2022 Augsburg Fortress.

Used by permission of Augsburg Fortress.

Wise men came with the treasurers of earth in their hands…and left with the Treasure of Heaven in their hearts.

Please be sure to sign up for our 

February Worship Team.

We need Worship Assistants, Greeters, Communion Assistants, Readers, and Ushers.  Please consider being part of our ministry and sign the Worship Team Volunteer sheet (the new schedule comes out after the 15th of every month, which is for the following month) at the back of 

the church on the table.   If you need to review when you signed up, the Worship Team will be in the newsletter and also posted on the bulletin board.  If you have any questions please call the office, 724 981-2050.

                       Thank You

God’s promise to us remains true in all our days. Although we will know seasons of every kind in this life, there is nothing to fear. Though the way is unknown and sometimes difficult, God is guiding us home.

Worship Assistant schedule for January

Jan. 1                                   Ron Tomko

Jan. 8                                   James Antel

Jan. 15                                 Cindy Kapusta

Jan. 22                                 Bill Spon

Jan. 29                                 Ron Tomko


Jan. 1                          Elaine Madasz

Jan. 8                          Bill Spon

Jan. 15                        Ruth Klein

Jan. 22                        Jill Antel

Jan. 29                        Ron Tomko


Jan. 1                          Makayla Foltz

Jan. 8                          Seth Kuchmak

Jan. 15                        Maeli Kornbau

Jan. 22                        Alyssa Antel

Jan. 29                        Maeli Kornbau

We support Joshua’s Haven by giving items they have requested to support their mission.  A list of needed items are posted on the bulletin board.  Please put any of the needed items in the tote that is placed in the narthex.  We want to thank Stephanie Banjak for bringing the donated items to Joshua’s for us.  Please know it is greatly appreiciated.

Be sure to mark the special Sunday you want flowers on the Altar for 2023.  The new flower chart.  Palo’s is still charging us $15.00 a time.  You can pick your Sunday’s and then just put the $15.00 in the offering plate along with explaining who and when they are being paid for.  Thank you for your attention to this matter..  

We want to once again thank Chuck Foltz for all his help with our technical and computer happenings.  He also live streams our Sunday service.  He has forgotten more information than I’ll ever know.  Thank you so very much Chuck.

A big Holy Trinity thank you to Fred Rombold, Myron Jones, Judy Kaszowski, Ruth Klein, Linda Chalupka, Kim Kaszowski, Mike Boldish, karen Blosz, Donna Pavcik, James Vasconi, our wonderful choir, Barry Kimmel and all the people who we might have missed like Paul Karabin and Wes Zipay and Ron Kaszowski.  We are so very grateful to all of you for helping.  We also want to thank Denise Germani, Jayne Kornbau, and all the teachers and helpers who are teaching our children all about Jesus and his life on earth.  Thank You Thank You all!!!