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Press J to jump to the feed. At my height it fits fine. I have a Hornet 1P and like it. Weight & Pack Size Comparison of Nemo Hornet 1P vs 2P: If you want an even lighter tent, check out Nemo Hornet Elite 1P (1 lb 13 oz) and Nemo Hornet Elite 2P (2 lb 1 oz) and you can also read my article where I compared Nemo Hornet to its Elite version. 10 oz. The 1 is OK if all you're going to do is sleep. Question. The 2 person hands down. Nemo Hornet Elite Tent 2P. There are four corner stake points for the floor and two for each vestibule (all with adjusters) as well as additional guy line options for plenty of tensioning opportunity for a three-season tent. The NEMO Hornet Elite 2P is a fantastic one-person shelter. It’s probably got lighter material than your msr. Kept me dry in the rain also, 2 hours steady down pour. 85 x 51/43 x 39 in. The NEMO Hornet 2P tent, however, is a bug I can get behind. Despite the 11" of spare, my head or my sleeping bag at my feet will touch the wall. Also being able to have your Pack in one vestibule and use the other vestibule for entering/exiting is also nice. i'd say it's more of a 1.5 person unless you're very close with that person. Nemo Hornet 1P weighs 6 oz less and packs down %34 smaller than Nemo Hornet 2P. The Hornet 1p packs small, its lightweight, easy and quick to set up, great size vestibule, and has PLENTY of room inside for me ( 5'10, 195 lbs), a large size NeoAir pad and all my gear. It offers ample headroom, gear storage pockets, and exceptional vestibules. Its spec sheet lists 84" (7ft) as it's floor length. Small, sleek and streamlined, The NEMO Hornet 1P Tent looks a lot like its name. Both sizes are made of the same denier material, therefore, they’re equally waterproof and durable. Fyi measured weight for my 1P with tent/bags/lines but excluding stakes is 764g, 26.95 oz. I just bought the hornet 2p and i really like the extra room that i have with the 2 person. I’m sure I could’ve lived with the 1P but just having a bit of livable space around me was totally worth it for comfort. I was on the edge about the 1p vs 2p but after sleeping in it one night i'm super glad for the 2 person. I just bought the hornet 2p and i really like the extra room that i have with the 2 person. Nemo Hornet 1P vs 2P - Which one is the better option for you? I am in the process of getting my gear together now. The asymmetric, tapered floor fit two sleeping pads … This tent is exceptional in a crowded field and fills in just the right niche for the backpacker who wants a full-featured freestanding shelter that won't weigh them down. On top of that the buffer between the wall and the head of my bag, and the loft of the bag at my feet knock away some clearance. this store has last year's nemo hornet 2p for $270 shipped plus tax which is $10 less than amazon before taxes. MSR Hubba Hubba and Big Agnes Copper Spur. Join us and ask yourself the question: Do I really need that? I can sit up, change clothes, pack up my pack. Qualified orders eligible for FREE S&H and FREE RETURNS. One thing that i liked was being able to unzip both vestibules halfway for better airflow through the tent. Check out the latest prices of Nemo Hornet 1P and Nemo Hornet 2P on Amazon. Even the 1 person one fits tall people (I'm 6' 4"). I am definitely not as tall as you, so take that with a grain of salt. I would like to carry an ultralight tent. I would like to know what owners of the NEMO hornet 1 or 2 feel about their space. OK Nemo - Im trying so Hard to be a fan. I don't need to carry around the extra weight. I’m 6’, how comfortable is it in terms of length? I'm on the AT currently in the Nemo 1. Setup is incredibly fast and simple. I have narrowed down my choices to the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 and the Nemo Hornet 2P. 1) Nemo Hornet 1P Ultralight Backpacking Tent - Best 1 man tent for the money When considering solo tents, the Nemo Hornet 1P Ultralight Backpacking Tent is one to keep in mind. 88 x 52/42 x 38 in. Hornet™ Elite is the ultralight tent of choice for extreme minimalists wanting the best in technical materials and design. does anyone want to speak further about the differences between the 2018 and 2019 redesign? If you are sharing the tent with someone else, you should be prepared to cozy up to them. Then hang the inner tent from the pole using the plastic hooks provided.Besides easy setup, the advantage of this pole arc… Nemo markets the Hornet 2P as the only 2-pound freestanding backpacking tent with 2 doors and 2 vestibules. While I think the 1 person version will suit me, I don't know if I want the 2 person one instead. Before we start, a disclaimer of sorts: I rarely test 2-person tents with two people. 20% off one full price item with coupon code MY20 for a limited time! I realize the Magma is a pretty bulky sleeping bag but hopefully that gives you an idea of the space. I wouldn't want to use the 1p version, personally. well I did love it. BUY NEMO Equipment Hornet 2P Tent - 2 Person, 3 Season. As you hike, you may not even feel the Hornet’s super light aluminum pole in your bag. is important for sanity. The Dragonfly pitched easily without reference to instructions; the single hubbed and pre-bent pole, brow pole, and color coding provided familiarity for anyone used to standard double-wall tents. 30D: 1P, 2P: No (available) Exped Lyra II: $279: 4 lbs. The Joshua Tree trip was a better test of its merits; besides being generally wet and cold and miserable, there was also a high wind warning in effect the entirety of the time we were there and the tent got a good shellacking. Come with a “Divvy dual stuff bag” which allows the tent to be divisible to split the load with a mate. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Simply spread out the inner tent, insert the pole into the connectors sewn to the floor, and then stake out the corners (yes, in that order). 14 oz. Deciding the size when looking for a backpacking tent can be overwhelming. If it has enough room for me and my gear then it will work for me. The NEMO Hornet Elite 2P is designed as an ultralight two-person, freestanding tent. When I upgrade, I'll get a 3p (I backpack with my SO so we split the weight) because. Hello, I will begin a section hike of the AT in 2017. With 21 square feet of floor space, this tent by Nemo provides you room to stretch out after a full day and the 40-inch height means you won’t feel cramped. Nemo Hornet features “Flybar Volumizing Pole Clips” to increase the interior volume, as you can see in the picture below, this innovative design increases the livable place inside the tent. I think at 5" more height for you it would be too short, or at least you'll be cramped. Nemo Hornet 2P (27.5 ft²) offers a 5.2 ft² bigger floor area compared to Nemo Hornet 1P (22.3 ft²). 1P,2P: No: Marmot Tungsten 2P: $214: 5 lbs. Reply. Riding out rain or hiding from bugs, being able to spread out, etc. You can share (Divvy™ 2-stage stuff sacks lets you split the load with a partner) or sleep in a palace for one. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Nemo Hornet 2P has two vestibules on both sides with an area of 7.1 ft², while Nemo Hornet 1P has one vestibule with an area of 7.3 ft². It utilizes a single Y-shaped pole, similar to that of the Big Agnes Fly Creek series, which lends itself to its tapered stature and ultimately a lighter overall package. If there are some advantages of the Hornet 2P I would like to know. Did you return the Hornet 1 and get the Hornet 2? Top shelf fabrics and a minimal pole structure shave every ounce possible, while our latest updates and new patent-pending Flybar™ volumizing clip … Both of the tents have 1p and 2p options, but for the sake of precise comparison of the specs, I have compared Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL 2P and Nemo Hornet 2p. I evaluated the hornet 2p vs. the Big Agnes ultra light options and chose the hornet due to to the dual vestibules. I think you'll be pushing the max user height of both designs, but sleeping on the diagonal might help you. If you couldn't return it, sell it on Gearswap and get the 2p right away (and lot of shorter hikers looking for them)! You are instead gaining 10" for only the top half of the tent for a 9 ouncepenalty. I love my hornet 2P. I really like the Nemo Hornet 2P but it only as 10D rain fly and is rated 1200MM waterproofing versus Tarptent Rainbow uses 30D fabric and has 5000MM waterproofing. The other reason i got the 2p is potentially having the option for a girlfriend join me for the night. Have “No-See-Um Mesh” at the top for stargazing at night. It's an Editors' Choice Award winner because it deftly combines the creature comforts of a freestanding tent while finding clever ways to minimize its weight. BUT you can use this guide for 1p models as well (the only difference between 1p and 2p models are the dimensions). alternatively someone on r/ulgeartrade is selling their brand new 2019 nemo hornet 2P for $310 shipped, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I've been thinking about getting the NEMO hornet tent. I'm 5'10" and use a regular/wide Big Agnes Q-core SLX, FF Flicker. Nemo markets the Hornet 2P as the only 2-pound freestanding backpacking tent with 2 doors and 2 vestibules. 4 oz. I weighed the tent on my scale and the new weights are accurate. One important difference between Nemo Hornet 1P and 2P is: Nemo Hornet 2P features two “Volumizing Pole Clips”, on the other hand, Nemo Hornet 1P features only one “Volumizing Pole Clip”, and Nemo Hornet 1P has fewer clips to widen the canopy, therefore, it has less interior volume compared to Nemo Hornet 2P. I think it is pretty spacious when you include the vestibules. Outdooreager may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. And by the way, I'm only 5'7" and I like having some space. I'd rather have the small footprint and lower weight of the 1-person than the larger interior volume of the 2-person. I am only 5'9" so i'm sure you would like it even more. 6 oz. Therefore, in this Nemo Hornet 1P vs 2P comparison, I will help you to choose the suitable one for you concerning your needs. Available at REI, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. While having the extra room for the 2 person would be nice, I don't know if I need or if it will ever come in handy. I've got the 2p. Lightweight and feature-rich, the Hornet 2P is ready for adventure whether hitting the trail solo in style or on minimalist tours for two. Those that hike with four legged friends would find the space ample as well, though if your pup is over 100 lbs (45 kg) the space might get tight fast. We liked the previous version of this tent, and NEMO has made some really great design improvements this year. ... did you go with the copper spur or the nemo? 88 x 54/46 x 42 in. treelinebackpacker says: May 25, 2018 at 3:41 pm. I went Nemo 2 after consulting this thread multiple times sometimes my dog comes along sometimes a lady friend so I just wanted to be ready. The 2019 Hornet offers more headroom and corner struts in the foot for easier setup without adding any weight. Gives you room to lay at an angle to get more length for when you want to stretch out. this guy mentions material changes and the fly bars to expand space. I am looking at the 2p for a bit more room especially in bad weather when I may want all my gear inside. The Hornet can be “freestanding” only if one person is occupying it, but you’ll need to stake out one end to maximize the interior space. With me in my sleeping bag I was touching both sides and the foot of the tent with my head barely an inch from the head end of the tent. Most people felt the weight penalty was worth it. My review: The Dragonfly 2P features two vestibules, two large zippered doors with integrated strut vents, two gear pockets, and… Nemo Hornet 2P vs REI Quarterdome SL May 17, 2020 14:35:17 GMT -8 cheaptentguy likes this. Since Nemo Hornet 1P offers a great space for a 1P tent, the floor area difference is not so big between 1P and 2P. Disclaimer: im the least qualified person for advice on this sub I’m learning daily! One other thing to note is on NEMO's website the packed weight for 2p is listed as 2 pounds 6 ounces, but when i received my tent on the pamphlet it was only listed as 2 pounds 4 ounces. If I were solo, I'd get a 2p. Made of the same nylon ripstop waterproof material. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. becasue of this i'm leaning towards the Rainbow. SO much nicer. I know the geometry may differ, but I think some of that space is made less useable from the angle of the tub walls. Although technically correct, this statement requires a qualification. This and more makes us give the NEMO Hornet 2P tent our Classic Pick award for the Ultralight Backpacker. I am 6'3"/185 lbs and I bought a new version of the Nemo 1 earlier this year. These alternatives are heavier because they’re freestanding tents with a more robust structure. I brought it home and set it up with my 2ish inch thick sleeping pad and my REI Magma 10. I have a Nemo 1, and I love it. ... Would there really be any reason not to go with this tent over the BA Fly Creek Platinum 1P tent? Nemo did an admirable job maximizing the livable space by adding additional guy-out lines near each door, which increase the lateral area at sh… Most people I hiked with last summer had a 2p tent, just for the room. The NEMO Dragonfly impressed us right out of the gate. r/Ultralight is the largest online Ultralight Backpacking community! you have already have so much GREAT advice here! The Nemo Hornet 2P and the MSR Hubba Hubba. I took the Hornet Elite on a short backpacking trip in the Santa Cruz mountains in California and on a thru-hike of the California Riding and Hiking Trail in Joshua Tree National Park. Having the extra room on a rainy night is killer. I've only used it once, but it was pretty tight for me (5'11", 200 lbs). How is the Nemo Equipment Hornet 1 Person Tent for 2019 as an ultralight backpacking solution? As you can see, both tents have a tapered floor design that is wider at the head area and gets narrower through the feet area. We also performed a thorough Nemo Dragonfly 2-Person Tent (2019) vs. Nemo Hornet 2-Person Backpacking Tent (2017) review score analysis - it turns out that all of the sources that have tested both Backpacking Tents, including OutdoorGearLab, preferred the Nemo Dragonfly 2-Person Tent (2019) over the Nemo Hornet 2-Person Backpacking Tent (2017). I was pretty bummed because I really wanted the tent to work out. I love that tent! If you're going to spend time in camp or wait out a line of storms, the small weight difference is more than worth space both physically and mentally IMHO (I'm not claustrophobic, I just hate having the mesh net hanging in my face when I want to prop up and read). Staking out a tent is difficul… I’m 5’8” and hiked the JMT with it. I was on the edge about the 1p vs 2p but after sleeping in it one night i'm super glad for the 2 person. (And it certainly isn’t a true 2-person tent,unless you want your bodies to be touching from head to toe). Open main menu Close main menu X … The nemo hornet 2 is great, but definitely more delicate. It does everything I need. The 2P BA tent is only 4 oz more than the 1P. 1P or 2P? NEMO Equipment Hornet 2P Tent Review. ... Because of the design, the 2P is only a few ounces more than the 1P, so I ordered the 2P to have room for a pack or a dog. It seems like Nemo has really hit the ball out of the park with this one. The minimum weight is also one ounce less on my tent. That blows my mind being only familiar with the PCT. To make this tent as light as it is, Nemo had to sacrifice some interior space. This isn't the usual 1 person vs. 2 person equationi.e. Nemo Hornet 1P not only offers a much bigger floor area compared to other 1P backpacking tents in the market but also it’s much lighter than most of them. If at all possible, go to an outfitter and sit in both, or at least find tents that carry that are similar. Looking for pros/cons on these two shelters. Here is a small table to compare Nemo Hornet 2P to its alternatives. In summary, both tents offer the same features such as No-See-Um Mesh, Dual-stage stuff sack, light pockets, the only difference between Nemo Hornet 1P and 2P is the sizes. It's seriously the case that you can be on the AT, and the internet? More space might be sorta nice but this one fits me fine and those weight savings. The Nemo Hornet 2P is an incredibly versatile shelter in the hands of experienced users, but falters some as a 2P shelter and in the hands of those less experienced. I purchased the Nemo Hornet 2P back in late March. you're not gaining a ton of floor space for a 3 ounce penalty. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, The heaviest thing you carry is your fat ass. The floor width space is 87" x 40". Honestly, not really. looks like the rain fly is slightly smaller too. I can sit up in it (I'm 6'1") and my pack, shoes, and trekking poles go under the vestibule. My old bpacking bud is 6-4 and a small tent irritates the heck out of him! 84.6 x 51.2 x 47.2 in. 68D: 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P: Yes: Nemo Hornet 2P: $370: 2 lbs. Also, Nemo doesn’t provide a footprint with its tents, so, to increase the longevity of your tent I strongly suggest purchasing the Nemo Hornet Footprint with your tent. I’d have reservations planning on using it for a year or two. This sub is about overnight backpacking with a focus on moving efficiently and packing light, generally aiming at a sub 10lb base weight.

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