September Newsletter

See the source imageA message from Dorcas…Please make any checks for Dorcas to “Holy Trinity Lutheran Church” the banks will not cash any checks that say Dorcas on them.

They didn’t have a meeting this month.

What if there’s an emergency at the church?

Say a small fire starts…Do we know where the fire extinguishers are located, for example.  So, in the unlikely chance that there’s a fire, there are two fire extinguishers in the corners of the Fellowship Hall, one by the boiler room door and one by the entrance way, where the lite little tree is.  There is a small silver one hanging on the white pillar next to the small white sink in the kitchen.  Upstairs there is one hanging at the top of the stairs that go up to the balcony.  Another one is outside the lady’s restroom and there is a first-aid kit hanging on the side of the wooden cabinet in the kitchen.  We also have a new life saving machine called a Defibrillator that is used if someone should have heart problems.  Jayne Kornbau is the person who is knowledgeable on how it is used and when this coronavirus is over, she will be training others on how it is used.  We have the Defibrillator mounted on the wall in the fellowship hall.   So, the next time you’re in the church look for these and for the EXIT signs above the doors.

Check out the Holy Trinity Website 2021 at  

We know you’ll enjoy our very interesting site.  Have any questions or concerns, please call Chuck Foltz and he will gladly help you.  If you have anything you would like posted on our website, please let Chuck know and he will be happy to post it.  In fact, we encourage you to do so.

PS:  Thank you Chuck for keeping us in the loop and up to date with the world.

Image result for free cookbook clipart to printHere is a recipe from the of a “Favorite Recipe” that Sally Calvin gave us. 

Zucchini Pie

8 cups of raw zucchini

2 tablespoons flour

1 3/4 cup sugar

½ teaspoon of cinnamon

1 ½ teaspoons of Crème of Tarter

2 tablespoons of lemon juice

Dash of nutmeg

Peel and remove seeds.  Cut lengthwise and slice like apples.  Cook on stove with ½ cup water till transparent.  Then drain in a colander.  Then mix with rest of ingredients.  Pour into an unbaked crust.  Dot with butter.  Top with remaining crust.  Brush with milk & sprinkle cinnamon and sugar over top crust. Bake in 400-degree oven for 50 minutes.

Thank you Sally for this delicious way to eat zucchini.  Yummy!!!




Standard and Altar Shelf – 2021

Flower memorials, honors and whatever you wish to acknowledge.  The charts are posted on the wall in the narthex.  They are only $15.00 and a perfect way to remember a person or event.  We have two different places the flowers can go, either on the Altar or in the Standard which is by the Pulpit.  You can put your request in one of the offering plates and we will make sure your request is taken care of.  Thank you 

Please remember that we still have a special collection of loose change every first Sunday of the month for World Hunger and the third Sunday of the month a special collection of items needed for Joshua’s Haven.  Stephanie Banjak has volunteered to bring the items to Joshua’s for us.  Thank you, Stephanie. 

Because we do not offer air conditioning in our fellowship hall, the American Red Cross Blood Drive have decided to use the church across the street.  They say they will return in the fall when it is cooler out.  We let you know when and if they do.

View Finders Camera Club are using our facilities beginning September 7th.  They meet the first, second and third Tuesday of every month.  Again, we are so happy to help this group of talented people.

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We would like to remind everyone that

Ron Tomko is a certified Lay Worship Leader in the ELCA.  He can preside over worship service for any congregation in our synod.  We are all so very grateful that we have Ron and can count on him in the future.  Thank you so very much Ron we are blessed to have you.

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 Our church council meets the third Tuesday of every month in our church parlor because the fellowship hall is being used by the Camera Club.  

                     Thank You

A message from Patty,

    Well it has been two years since Pastor Nelson retired.  The feeling of loss is still with us or should I say me.  I am sitting here writing this by myself.  The church is empty, and it is very quiet around here.  It sure can be lonely but since I am getting the newsletter together my mind is very busy.  We have just said a very sorrowful goodbye for now to our friend and church family member, Judy Bottenfield.  Oh, how we will miss her kind words, helpful hands and warm smile. I am missing her and to accept her leaving us is very difficult to say the least, yet accept it I must, which is a very heavy cross to bear at this time.  Pastor Nelson was kind enough to do her funeral and he was spot on with her eulogy.  You could tell how well Pastor knew her by the way he spoke about her, all so very true.  Thank you doesn’t seem enough at expressing how grateful I was.  

     Now our Call Committee is going to explain to us some important facts about our search for a new pastor on Sunday August 29th   following our worship service.  They have been working overtime trying to come up with a solution to our problems.  Hopefully we’ll all walk away with a greater insight as to the course of action we are taking.  No matter what that course is, we are so appreciative of all our call committee members.  They are as follows:  Stephen Banjak, Myron Jones, Donna Ekis, John Chlpka, Jason Tomko, Linda Chalupka and Sheila Susen.  Thank you all for taking on this huge responsibility with the love and caring that you all feel.  Whether we share a Pastor with Christ Lutheran or are blessed enough to get a Pastor for ourselves.  Whatever happens, we will and are blessed.

          God’s Peace and my Love,


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May our Lord comfort and give His peace to Brad and Sheila Susen & family and Jill and James Antel & Family.  The Lord took Brad’s mom and Jill’s mom home. What will give them peace is the love and memories of their mothers that were shared together that will give them solace and support.  Most Sincerely, Your Church Family, Holy Trinity Lutheran 

Dear God, with a new school year upon us, we pray for our students, teachers, bus drivers, bus aides and all working staff, that you would ease their anxiety about going back to school amidst the pandemic.  We pray for safety for those returning to in-person classes, and for the needed technology, self –discipline, and adult oversight for those learning online.  Would you ensure that every child has enough to eat, a supportive network of friends and family, and perseverance to face every challenge with your strength.  In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen    

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Speaking of school year…Everyone please take a moment and read the lovely thank you cards from our Scholarship recipients, Gabrielle Lucas, Peter Wood, Robert Pontius and Ethan Susen.  They are all a must read!

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 We would like to take this opportunity to thank Myron Jones for doing such a wonderful job planting the evergreen trees that were in memory of people from our church and some that were not from our church.  They look really nice and to think he planted them in this heat way we are especially blessed to have Myron.

The following are Evergreen Tree memorials that were given:

Two evergreens in loving memory of parents, Rev. John & Mary Kanyuch from daughter Marlene.

Four Evergreens in loving memory of father John Klein from son, Robert.

An evergreen in loving memory of father John Klein from daughter Renee.

An evergreen in loving memory of brother, John Tomko from Lucas Family, Renee, Walter & Gabrielle.

An evergreen in loving memory of husband, father and grandfather

John Klein from wife, Ruth.

An evergreen in loving memory of sister-in-law Jeanne Clark from Janet & Tim Thiel & family.

An evergreen in loving memory of Elsie Laslow from Fred & Erla Rombold.

An evergreen in loving memory of Rev. Don Hake from Fred & Erla Rombold.

An evergreen in loving memory of Rev. Donald Hake from Mike & Patty Boldish

An evergreen in loving memory of husband William Calvin from Sally.

Seven Evergreen trees in Loving Memory of Elsie Laslow from husband, Ernie and family, Keith & Mary Joe Laslow, Janet & Tim Thiel, Ernie & Dona Laslow, Mary Jo Laslow, Gary & Mildred Laslow, Alyson & Andrew Thiel, Mikaila & Lea Laslow, Ryan & Erin Laslow, and Rowan Elsie Ishman, and Miles Ernest Thiel McGill.

An evergreen in loving memory of Elsie Laslow from Larry & Marlene Stebelsky.

An evergreen in loving memory of parents, August & Helen Stebelsky, 

John & Doris Klaric, brother John Klaric Jr. & sister Yvonne Klaric from Larry & Marlene Stebelsky.

An evergreen in loving memory of mother, Betty Frye from John & Susan Brestelli.

A beautiful evergreen tree in loving memory of my sister Shirley Kuzio Graham in remembrance of her birthday March 28th from Cheryl Kuzio.

Thank you all for your generous memorials and for adding to our beautiful landscape here at Holy Trinity.  If there was someone omitted, please let the office know.