2018 February Pastor’s Pen

From the Pastor…

Those who know me know that I am a deep thinker.  From a young age, for example, I was attracted to the mysteries of the universe.  In fact, the only question I remember asking the pastor in my three years of Confirmation classes, was what the star of Bethlehem really was?  All of us have had or are having questions about God, the Bible or life in general.  Perhaps the most common and significant one is why does God allow suffering?  Some have even asked, why does God allow me to live so long, I can’t do anything? Or how do I find meaning and what is my purpose?

          Many people in the Bible had big questions as well.  Most of us are familiar with Job, who was devoted to God, yet suffered greatly.  Or John the Baptist, who after baptizing Jesus said, “there goes the savior of the whole world.”  Yet, later on has his friends ask Jesus, “are you the one, or should we look for another?”

          Most of the Gospel readings we will hear in church this year are from Mark.  We are also talking about Mark in our Thursday morning Bible study.  Unlike the other three Gospels, Mark records one and only one word from the cross: “My God, my God, why?” Mark seems to be in a hurry.  He leaves only 15 verses for the entire crucifixion narrative and Jesus speaks only once, and it’s this cry of despair.     

          During this Lenten season we are inviting you to submit to us your 5 biggest questions to us.  On five Wednesday nights (beginning February 21st here at Holy Trinity), Pastors Lozano, Nelson, Seeley, Hake, and Samuel we each take one of the questions on each of the Wednesday nights and try to address it. 

                                                             Yours in Christ,

Pastor Nelson