2019 November Pastor’s Pen

From the Pastor…

A soldier in World War II was given the task of gathering up the pieces and fragments of a statue of Christ that was destroyed when the cathedral that housed it was destroyed by bombs and mortars.  He found every piece and fragment, and they were turned over to an artist, whose labor of love it was to reconstruct the icon. Even though it took him months, he accomplished the work, and returned it to its pedestal.  But one part of the Christ statue was missing.  The soldier could not find the hands of Christ.  Both the soldier and the artisan considered their work incomplete without the hands.  However, one day as the craftsman was viewing the statue with missing hands, he got a wonderful idea.  Instead of Christ’s hands being raised in blessing, as they originally were, the craftsman placed an ornate, but simple, sign at the base of the handless replica.  These were the words on that sign: “I have no hands but yours.” 

     Likewise, many of us forget the hidden hands behind many church activities.  It’s all too easy to forget the members of the congregation who volunteer to change the paraments, set up for communion, fill the candles, wash the cups, turn the mikes and lights on/off, etc.  It’s all too easy to attend dinners, bake sales and rummage sales, forgetting those in the kitchen preparing food or washing dishes.  It’s all too easy to pray for homebounds, forgetting those who take the time to write or visit them.  All too easy, because so often it’s the same people performing all of these tasks.  Our lives are made up of time.  God’s most precious gift was Jesus’ time on earth.  Surely spending time doing what the church needs- often behind the scenes- is a vital part of saying “Thank You” to God.

     November is the time of thanksgiving.  Thanks, not just for the things that our country has given us, but also for all that God has given us- our time, our gifts, and our possessions, signs of his gracious love. This month we will look into the biblical meaning of gifts, recognize some of our own, and offer some opportunities to share them with others. 

     To give us a better understanding and framework for this I would invite all of you to two Bible studies on Stewardship on Thursday, November 7th & 21st at either 10:00am or 7:00pm (there will be no Bible study on November 14th or 28th). 

     Enclosed in this newsletter is a Time & Talent inventory to help you and us know what your gifts and interests are.  We ask that each person fill one out.  More inventory sheets will be in the back of the church. There will be a box to put them in when you have finished. On Sunday, November 28th we will have our annual meeting and Thanksgiving dinner.  During worship on that day we will bless our gifts.  They will be collected and people contacted. 

This month let us return thanks to God!

Pastor Nelson