2019 February Pastor’s Pen

From the Pastor…

We humans are a strange lot, aren’t we?  Think about all the sources we turn to for direction.  In the hills of North Carolina, for example, on New Year’s Eve, the mountain people open their windows at midnight to let the bad luck out and the good the mountain people open their windows at midnight to let the bad luck out and the good luck in.  On New Year’s Day, they eat black-eyed peas for dinner for good luck.  But don’t worry if you forget. Simply look for a red-haired girl riding a white horse.  That’s good luck any time of the year.

          How about you?  Where do you turn when you want some good advice?  Some people look to the stars.  It’s been said that 90% of Americans know their astrological sign, and 50% of Americans read their horoscope at least once a month. Only half as many people read the Bible that often. 

          The Wise Men from the East were astrologers.  But they also believed that the heavens revealed signs directly from God.  One evening a strange star appeared- a star they had never seen before.  “Could this be the sign se have been looking for?”  they wondered.  And so they followed the sign they believed would lead them to the answer.  

          Some of us spend our lives star gazing, but we never act on anything.  We will look at the horoscope to find out what our love life is going to be like for the next 30 days, but we totally miss the signs that our loved ones are sending as to what they need. We see signs that they have become withdrawn, don’t talk much, don’t want to participate in anything, but what do we do about the signs?

Do we dismiss it as just a dark time they are going through?  Notice that the Wise Men acted on their sign…they dropped everything and followed the star, even though they were not Jewish.  Somehow they knew there was a place for them in God’s plan.

          It is not just other races and religions that are welcome at the manger.  For many of us who have grown up in the faith, we may believe that we cannot come to the manger because we are not good enough.  Yet, if the Wise Men had not acted on the sign they saw, they could have totally missed the opportunity to worship the King of Kings.

          And how about you?  What signs are you following this new year?   When you are absent from worship, Sunday School or Bible study, you miss the opportunity to see and hear what God has to offer.  Has God given you a “star” but you haven’t acted on it?  Have you taken the first steps toward the manger?  Don’t look in the horoscope, tea leaves or tarot cards.  Look into the Light that has come into your darkness.  He is your light and your salvation.

             In Christ’s Light,

                 Pastor Nelson